Due to the potential polluters with these types of materials that the manufacturer put into dog food for sensitive stomachs, such as cereals contain pesticides, sick animals or dead, it would not be surprising that some bad things will be may occur. These ingredients such as when used in dog food for sensitive stomachs processing would risk a very high contamination with other types of hazardous materials. Some of dog food for sensitive stomachs will be destroyed during processing while others are not.

Bacteria and bacterial toxins: the slaughtered animals as well as animals that are killed by disease, injury or accidental causes, they will act as a source of meat raw materials, waste products from the action plants, meat processing redundancy for dry pet food. Products made from animal meat is often found in dry pet foods include ground meat from chicken, poultry products, and meat and bone meal.


Dead animals on farms can not be shipped immediately to meat processing plants for several days after death. The corpse may be heavily contaminated with bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli comes from the digestive organs decaying, rotten center. E. coli bacteria are dangerous can be infected is estimated over 50% of meals containing meat.

While the process of dog food for sensitive stomachs can kill the bacteria, it does not completely eliminate the endotoxins some bacteria produce during their growth. These toxins can survive even during processing, and potentially cause illness. Manufacturers of pet food, it does not test their products contaminated with bacterial endotoxin or not.

In addition, these spices is sprayed on dried foods are often contaminated with Salmonella bacteria when a lot of human diseases has been demonstrated.

Drugs: Because the animals are sick or dying usually used to make dog food for sensitive stomachs, so the drugs used to treat them are also likely to appear in dry food products. Penicillin and pentobarbital are just two examples of drugs that can not be changed during processing. The antibiotics used in livestock production also contributes to drug resistance in humans.

Mycotoxins: The poison from mold or fungi are called mycotoxins. The cultivation of the modern farm, adverse weather conditions, drying and storage products from a good harvest can not contribute to the development of mold. The ingredients for livestock feed potentially toxic mold is the nuts such as wheat, corn and fish meal. There were a lot of reminders, warnings about dog food for sensitive stomachs with the risk of infection and cause death in pets. They relate to a very dangerous toxin called aflatoxin contamination in dog food for sensitive stomachs.


Chemical residues: Pesticides and fertilizers may leave residue on products processed from plants. The grains that people are prohibited from using chemical residues left over by the Ministry of Agriculture has been recommended. But they probably still used in dog food for sensitive stomachs food processing.

GMO: Is genetically modified crops are also interested. As of 2009, 91% of soybean acreage, 88% cotton and 85% of US corn is genetically modified breeding. Raw food is a common ingredient in livestock dog food for sensitive stomachs, it is widely used as well as soybeans and corn. Soybeans and corn are also used directly in many dog food for sensitive stomachs. A recent study (2010) showed a big damage to the liver and kidneys of rats fed genetically modified corn.

Source: Sensitive Stomach dog food